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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Web Logic Server 11g and the cloud is in the air

We have now, where I work, got the WebLogic Server [WLS] up and running. It can be recovered safely in case of hosts that looses control and has to reboot. The BEA way - remember WebLogic was bought from BEA by Oracle some years ago - is different than the Oracle Way. Study the nodemanager in your fave-WLS-book. The nodemanager can be set up in a way that is IS a windows bootstrap process for all the other processes - and God knows there are lots and lots of processes that should be up and running - that are needed for a Forms/Reports/Discoverer-based application.

The next step is to make sure that everything else is in place in terms of configuration and other platforms that are needed in order to get WLS in a controlled manner serve Forms/Reports/Discoverer-applications.

There are considerations in integration between Forms and Reports. The next step in that area is to choose between Jasper, BI Publisher or something else. BI Publisher is an expensive animal...and has imho an american view on reports distribution in general.

Further, 12c is around the corner, in a year or two there is a Forms/Reports/Discoverer 12c platform. Reports will still be around, despite what Oracle says. It is another marketing matter that Oracle wants you to move from Oracle Reports...

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