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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To cloud or not to cloud that is the

question. There are doubts out here. is one doubt.

As I once said, the internet is trust issue. Coined this in a community long time ago. Still valid.

If you do not trust the site you leave. If you do not trust that the opt-out will work you do not click the opt-out for a spam mail.

If companies that should or would or could go cloudy in a positive sense do not trust the providers of the cloud internet is in trouble. The meltdown metaphore is a great image to think about. And there are issues of trust in all three levels of Cloudiness.

Platform as a Service PaaS
Infrastructure as a Service IaaS
Application as a Service AssA

The platform are the - surprisingly enough - platform for the cloudy future itself. There you have boxes (as Larry made jokes about...during a OOW 2011 or so...) flat servers or what have you.
Infrastructure is the next level of cloudification efforts. Do not start here, start at Platforms.
Later on - four years or so when company is at true level 5 of CMM - then go for AssA.

The road is long but the path is clear.

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