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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Container databases is The Future - or not?

Well probably not since there is no flashback.  What is a container database? Well there is lots to read on the internet. Of course. But it is - as I see it - the base for Clouds, private, public or hybrid.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The cloud is for sale!

In Europe as well in other parts of the globe there are movements rolling where you can buy and sell Cloud Computing resources. Interesting development.

There is a site already out there. Sharing prices at site is closed, I just discovered...2014-01-13...

But there are other sites, this is the Börse in Europe for the Cloud. So capacity is for sale. App-servers, database servers, what have you. Go buy, or sell your capacity.

What are the implications of this "stock" exchange. Well time will tell. But it is kinda strange. Or it is not...there could be companies that will gain capital from computer storage, or computer application server resources during, let's say the Olympics in the year 2016. Or when a company suddenly and in a minute time gets lots of DoS-attacks. Or even not attacks. But a immense grow on traffic.

Then, who do you gonna call? Cloud-sellers...