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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back again - and up and atom

Have you seen TOR - the nice thing that makes China find places outside their locked in country?

Google on TOR and see what makes China go mad...

In the Oracle scene things are moving. New versions, new merger of companies.

ApEx is on the move in Sweden, there are lots of companies going in that direction. They migrate old legacy systems Access/Excel to new powerful ApEx tools to the user community at their companies.

Also, which is not spoke about imho.
If you got the Architecture in place, the Grid control, the things that you need to really go into dark room computing...then ApEx is an excellent tool for SQL knowledgable user to study the database, the base for the data.

If you set up an organisation that really takes into account cooperation and communication you are on the right track. Openness. But just as much as you like, you have to protect the data, of course. So...ApEx is an excellent read only tool for end user to be on the same platform when it comes to understand the underlying data.

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