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Friday, September 04, 2009

I got my Metalnik version 3 account today!

Yes yes.

This is good. It took me a couple of months. The administrator that did let me in was suprised to know that this role was given to her. But it is OK.

So, now I am in.

But calm down you people using an Oracle Database, there is a migration of old metalink, iTAR, SR site or as I say text based entry of support issues.

My view is that if a customer wants to issue the support issue using an SMS, bongo drums or sign language it should be considered as an entry point. For the suppliers support process.

But calm down, migrating from Oracle Application Server 10g to WebLogic platform will be done using the text based entry for support issues. There are plans at Oracle to do the transition - for Oracle this is also a migration to the Siebel stack för support issues - at the end of this year. Let's hope Oracle can row the boat ashore.

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