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Saturday, December 30, 2006

This year is a good year.

Durinig our visits in France we went to a huge enormous natural cave. Wonderful cave, forgotten the name, will look that up.

In that cave there was stalagmites (formations from floor, from splatting water at the floor) and stalagtites (formations from the roof evolving from water slowly pouring down). Some of them had fallen. The formations take very very long time for nature to "make".

The guide always said in french spoken english...this is a good day...and smiled. She ment that in this place things happens very very slowly. And there will a prolonged warning before it really really happens.

1 comment:

Mamselamsen2 said...

Helt säker på att det var Frankrike? Eller var det två mil in i Schweiz?

I så fall har även jag varit där